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Outdoor Sports


San Romolo has been connected with outside sports activities as long as they have excisted. Rally dates back a long time and you can get a good impression what rally is all about by looking at all the old photos and memories in the Ristorante Dall’Ava.

Mountain biking is a newer sports activity and it is very demanding. The area around San Romolo is famous within the world of mountain bikers. Some of the best and most demanding trails and paths runs just outside San Romolo. To inspire you please open this map which will show you some of the trails: Map of mountain bike trails around San Romolo

When it comes to motor cross there is no better person to ask than Davide, the third generation of the Ristorante Dall’Ava. Davide knows all the good routes around San Romolo and he will be happy to advice you.

Last but not least hiking or simply walking in the woods is a great outdoor sports activity which can be performed in and around San Romolo all year round. The list of walking paths is endless and you will have a great time discovering the area on foot. For your convenience please open this map which shows you some of the best paths : Map of walking paths around San Romolo