Our Story



Three generations of Dall'Ava


Our Story


In the shadow of a centuries-old chestnut tree, which WWF dates back to the 13th century, our restaurant continues a tradition started back in 1910 when it served sawyer, local loggers who cut trunks into timber planking.

Our family, the Dall’Ava, have owned the restaurant since 1950. Simply an inn with Giuseppe and Dinea, the second generation, Orlando and Graziella, transformed it into today’s exquisite chalet, a point of reference for the Sanremo Rally. Davide and Claudia, the third generation, continue the tradition and share a passion for rally cars and bikes, and you will notice that the restaurant’s walls are covered in momentoes – pictures and flags – of glorious past Rallies. The fourth generation Dall’Ava was born in 2016.

In the “high-speed” restaurant in the mountains, which has welcomed some of the best rally drivers and bikers, our chef creates contemporary dishes and local ligurian cuisine for a “special stage” menu. Our restaurant staff wil be happy to offer any advice you may need to thoroughly enjoy your meal.